Ekso GT developed by Ekso Bionics

20th May 2019
20th May 2019 geri

Ekso GT developed by Ekso Bionics

The Ekso GT is a powered hip-knee medical rehabilitation exoskeleton developed by Ekso Bionics. It allows for a number of consistent steps by conducting the appropriate weight shift movement.

The ability for the device to recalculate assistance based on gait data gathered after each step makes for a superior rehabilitation experience.

Once the body has been stabilized and the individual has been rehabilitated to his or her fullest potential, establishing a wellness routine can be beneficial to staying well and maintaining functional capacity. This overall approach encompasses many issues, including exercise. A well-rounded exercise program should include components that promote fitness and help to maintain functional independence.

The Ekso has been huge to enable me to get up and get my full body workout, it’s amazing. The determination I have following years of kickboxing at a national and international level has made me continue my rehab as much as I possibly can. 

The Ekso is compatible for use in a therapeutic environment by patients with mobility impairment due to spinal cord injury up to C7 complete in Ireland. This can improve their current level of physical and mental health by targeting mobility, strength and physical fitness regardless of their current baseline.

The Ekso GT is developed by Ekso Bionics; retailing at 160,000euro!

The Ekso GT is a powered hip-knee medical rehabilitation exoskeleton