Aria wheelchair

20th May 2019
20th May 2019 geri

Aria wheelchair

In general, I am very satisfied with the Aria wheelchair, a 100% manually assembled Italian product. There was a few teething problems in the beginning the company has assured me all is good now.

The chair itself is a good balance between technique, materials, functionality and aesthetics. It has a unique ergonomic shape made up of a rigid frame in magnesium alloy and is a good product for an active user I have found.
It has an aluminium alloy 7075 and carbon fibre (central axis, backrest, side guards, seat and footrests) and structural adhesives at performing joints.
Aria is classified as a super-light wheelchair, it weighs approx.5 kgs.

Magnesium is the lightest structural metal currently available in the world. It is approximately 34% lighter by volume than aluminum and 15% lighter than carbon. Going from an aluminum chair to this chair has definately been a big advantage for myself, a c6/c7 quad. The magnesium offers excellent fatigue resistance, denting and buckling resistance, and the highest known damping capacity of any structural metal basically taking the shakeout of the journey.

Principal benefits for the final user:
Lightness, exceptional manoeuvrability, fluidity and multi-adjustability, user-friendly and it gets my vote as a chair overall!