Alternating Rotation Therapy Mattress- MEDIAIR

19th May 2019
19th May 2019 geri

Alternating Rotation Therapy Mattress- MEDIAIR


The MEDIAIR relieves more pressure more often than any other product in its category.Designed and manufactured in Ireland.

Mediair mattress

MEDIAIR TURN provides the solution by combining alternating pressure relief and rotation therapy in one. The innovative product design allows for maximum pressure relief in minimum time, along with repositioning your patient.

I received mine through my occupational services who purchased from Meditec


In October 2011, the prevention of pressure ulcers was declared a universal human right. Pressure ulcers were stated to be an adverse event and must be considered as a major threat for the safety of patients in health-care settings.

Pressure ulcers are costly and reduce health related quality of the patient. Trust me I know after suffering with a nasty grade three pressure ulcer on my power back for almost a year. Since using the Mediair which I obtained through my o.t services,the pressure sore finally healed and has remained closed. It works brilliantly and I do not need to be placed side to side at night time as there is co stand and frequent pressure relief on boney areas.