4th December 2018
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4th December 2018 geri


What does love mean to you? Does it mean getting roses on your birthday or shiny, sparkly rings (they wouldn’t hurt).

My accident has resulted in a hand full of things that I can say with certainty. As a result of all that has happened to me, I have learnt more about myself, about others and about the many unique forms of love that exist in this world.

It is true that I have had countless moments in the last five years where I have felt like a burden to so many. Going from being an independent woman who once ran around doing five to six things at once and now having to ask someone for help with simple tasks is exhausting. But it’s about remembering and knowing your self-worth. My injury has made me appreciate we can’t control EVERYTHING but what we can control how an individual makes us feel. Paralysis does not mean that no one will love you. In fact, since I have become paralysed, I have experienced the most real, raw form of unconditional love that I have experienced in my entire life.

I have been held with love and care in moments of fear and uncertainty, my limp, paralysed body carried when I was too weak to move, my tears dried during the hardest of times by individuals choosing to be there when no one forced them to. The bottom line is unconditional love is something you can’t explain and can exist between the closest of friends. If you are lucky enough in this world to find someone who challenges you, allows you to grow and makes you feel that you are not inadequate, well, cherish that individual and let them know you appreciate them every day!