Life Advice no matter your situation

16th May 2018
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16th May 2018 geri

Life Advice no matter your situation

A thought provoking article I read today in The Irish Times entitled “Society thinks disabled people are not humans with rights but problems to be solved’ really hit a cord with me and made me remember how I felt about myself for a long time after enduring my spinal cord injury.
I felt “worthless, that I’m a burden, that I’m never going to succeed in any way, that no one could ever find me attractive” but only after “challenging these thoughts actively, and trying to improve my relation with myself” and with alittle help from my friends and family along the way that I learned to take pride in myself and my achievements.
This made me think about something I said in a midland radio  interview (full link found under media section of over a year ago and I think its relevant to us all at some stage in our life’s journey
Link to Irish Times article below:

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