Keeping Fit

20th February 2018
20th February 2018 geri

Keeping Fit

Keeping fit is challenging with a spinal cord injury but not impossible. Here are afew suggestions for a c6 SCI.

Introducing an element of fun to standing time. A soft ball or balloon to pass back and forth to a friend whilst on your standing frame. This introduces a element of movement and coordination to an otherwise stationary activity.  An easyglider is an alternative to the stationary easystand.

Intervals involve short bursts of intense activity interspersed with lighter activity or rest periods. For example, athletes may repeat 200-meter sprints with full recovery or specific rest intervals.

Resisted vs. Assisted speed work involve using resistances eg. something as simple as training with another wheelchair user and a terraband. Alternate between pulling eachother lengths of a hall or I use my smartdrive which adds an extra 7kg when not turned on.









Circuits are a great way to include a broad range of exercise. Circuits feature multiple stations where athletes perform assigned activities for specific periods of time, or until they’ve completed a set number of repetitions. Eg. a punch bag, jumping jacks (minus the legs), a medicine ball side to side, rope c curls, bodyweight push ups, overhead weights, wall push offs.









Strength training using resistances to build strength, muscular endurance, and size. Barbells, resistance bands, machines, and other types of equipment that offer resistance can build strength–even the athlete’s own body-weight in the form of transfers. (see previous exercise blog).














Cardio as simple as dancing with a friend, tabletennis, wheelchair basketball, handcycling etc.







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