A reason, a season or a lifetime

9th January 2018
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9th January 2018 geri

A reason, a season or a lifetime

For most, relationships serve a purpose of understanding and discovering the ideas of love and emotion, and I truly believe no relationship is a meaningless endeavour. And even though some unfortunately might not always end how we had hoped or wanted, we learn something about ourselves along the way; with every individual passing into our lives for either a reason, a season or a lifetime.

A reason

Whether it’s a friend/lover/family member; their willingness to be always be there and never make anything seem like a big deal serves the purpose of unconditional emotional support. Their foothold offered, a silent trust cultivates a connection that outlasts any other of its kind. Happy to argue with you as an equal and love you like no other, to listen to your plans and to wipe your tears when you cry. A friendly voice and a soft smile, never intrusive, with always the right amount of care and never uttering a well-deserved “I told you so”. Instead, they look at you with stares full of admiration and respect, helping you grow into a stronger person. These people are in our lives for a reason.

A season

Real life isn’t always as straightforward as a vision of lifetime friends or romantic endeavours carried through from childhood and can be much more complex. A relationship dynamic changes over time with real life events else pulling people apart or cementing their bonds and choosing to love each other through the many changes that can occur. Perhaps sometimes things are left unsaid as it is easier than broaching an issue. The insecurities that turn small cracks into mighty crevice’s slowly creep in, the things that aren’t said or done, until ultimately, the connection becomes futile. Both parties may not always take the necessary steps to “grow” with each other and lack of communication and inevitable growth can push worlds apart. This was a seasonal encounter.

A lifetime

Lifelong relationships can be found in many places; they offer support during times of low morale and periods of despair despite their own circumstantial difficulties. The spirit of love and community contained in these ties often continues long past the highlights of happier times and is evident at times of intense experiences and emotion. There is a sense of warmth, closeness and loyalty; and this bond of understanding is what cements the quality of a lifetime relationship. So in our lives people do come along at the right time, you don’t know how or why they just appear; perhaps for a reason, perhaps for a season or if you are lucky enough, a lifetime.



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