25th October 2017 geri

Independent transfer on to standing frame using a lever

Independence- Every little helps!! I am constantly pushing myself but my stubbornness works for me and my approach to independence, but it might not work for others. I still struggle with the balance of finding the fine line between doing tasks myself to the point of physical exhaustion and accepting help (and more importantly asking for help). As a quad, it is good to be ambitious, but it can also create a failure mentality if you cannot do something by yourself. Personally, even though time consuming it gives me more of a sense of fulfilment, knowing that I’m not reliant for some simple things.Comparing abilities and independence with other quads is common and can lead to questioning your own approach to such. Perhaps we put too much pressure on ourselves to conform to others standards, berating ourselves if they don’t work for us. Ultimately, our path must be conducive to ourselves as individuals because we’re all actually very different as far as the amount of function we have. As mentioned in my blog (Independence), the system fails so many people to be independent by not helping them to help themselves in terms of accommodation, equipment, access etc and creating a mentality with little expectation that a person with a disability will live independently or establish a household of their own. But my advice is to remain strong and don’t fail yourself through your internal approach to independence.

Posted by Geraldine Lavelle on Thursday, October 19, 2017

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