13th October 2017
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13th October 2017 geri


All relationships are constantly changing with time; students to working adults, carefree young lovers become responsible adults, partners become parents, parent’s the nurturers become the nurtured and so on. We all change and evolve over our lives and change is inevitable.

A couple’s relationship dynamic changes after an enormous life event occurs and though this is not what either party may have planned for, partners can choose to become carers for their loved ones. Learning to love each other through the dramatic change within the relationship can be confusing due to the new dynamic of perhaps a more friends than lover’s paradigm, working colleagues rather than frisky youngsters but this is not to say that the love is non the less. It can only happen when the two individuals choose to embrace this overwhelming change one moment at a time, taking the necessary steps to “grow” with each other. Communication at that time is beyond vital and essential if the relationship is to succeed; with both parties willing and able to speak and listen to one another with intense presence, honesty, patience, and compassion. In such circumstances, growth is inevitable but also conditional and partners can either choose to grow together or allow resentment, anger, and ultimately, apathy to push them apart.

However, cultivating a connection that outlasts the pain is not always easy and both participants must be actively willing to nurture it through unconditional emotional support. In many ways, we as humans resist change especially one of such a devastating nature. Perhaps things are left unsaid as it is easier than broaching the issue. The realization that the dimensions of the newfound relationship may be too painful and the potential for success too much for their love. The insecurities that turn us into demons slowly creep in, the small things that aren’t said or done that hits your soul, heart & mind at the same time. Until ultimately, unable to loosen the grip on all the pain to which has enveloped them, the fight against the truth becomes futile.

Nothing is ever perfect, but we must remember that to live and to love is to change and to grow. We can resist it all we want, but change is inevitable.





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  1. Janice O Brien

    Hi Ger

    Great to see your doing so well. Great posts with such positivity. You look brilliant. Keep up the great work.

    Janice x

    • geri

      Hi Janice,
      Thanks a mil, how are you keeping? Do you have my number or are you still on fb? Can’t fin6d you xx

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