Things I wish I told my Teenage Self!!!!

16th September 2017
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16th September 2017 geri

Things I wish I told my Teenage Self!!!!

What if I fall???  Oh my Darling what if you fly….?


Be the best you can be.


Don’t give up.


Remember who you are. A person of value. Don’t compromise this for anyone.


Keep your identity.


Grief softens you, heartache wizens you and suffering strengthens you.


Acceptance is the first step to victory.


Don’t compare yourself to somebody else. When we compare ourselves to others and their achievements we self-hate. Give their achievements back to them. Focus on your own.


I will do it in my own time.


I am unique.


I am special.


I have a different path.


I will do my best.


Be kind to yourself.


Be honest to yourself. Listen to your gut instinct, even if it’s not what you want to hear.


Your parents are your best friends. They only want the best for you.


Fear can paralyse us or spur us into action. Go with the second option!


Enjoy the moments.


No matter how impossible the situation seems, you’re never trapped. There are always options.


Spend more time with your grandparents.


Laugh. Laugh outload. Laughter is the soul’s music.


Don’t worry about what might happen.


You are not invincible.


Let go of those who don’t want to hold on.


Take time for yourself.


Live for now.


If you’re going through hell, keep going!


Love yourself.


Have confidence in your own abilities.


We all have limitations, we are only bone and blood at the end of the day.

Don’t punish yourself for this.


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  1. eoin

    Hi Geri,

    You are not only an inspirator but also such a good educator – and I just love the straight forward messages you have for the policy makers (poorly informed ones need to take on board your blog messages !) – keep doing your bit and don’t give up the fight for health user improvements !

    Hey your study pieces get 100% from me !

    Best wishes always,
    Eoin D.

    • geri

      Thanks Eoin, I appreciate your comments. I’m a very straight talking, practical person for sure.
      Keep reading, more to come!


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