ACTA-relief backrest

25th August 2017

ACTA-relief backrest

Acta Relief Backrest

Posted by LC Seating Limited on Wednesday, August 23, 2017

ACTA-Relief Backrest:

I have been using the ACTA-Relief backrest for the last two years and I have found it offers me great support. I am an active chair user and can somedays spend over ten hours in my chair while remembering to pressure relieve. My chair is where I work from, exercise in and get around in. Therefore, I need a backrest to offer me adequate support while being lightweight and adjustable to my needs.
I found that the flexible, adjustable straps on the ACTA-Relief Backrest enables me to choose from a hoist of seating positions ranging from upright seating to a severely rotated back. This allows me to offset my center of pressure and thus better remove pressure points from my spine.

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