10th August 2017
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10th August 2017 geri


For many of us fairy tales are something from childhood; sweet stories that kept us briefly entertained. Tales of folkloric fantasy filled with dwarfs, witches, dragons, wizards, sleeping princesses, ice palaces and usually magic or enchantments. For most, these tales serve a purpose of learning the balance of good and evil and discovering the ideas of emotion where pretty princesses’ are won by charming prince’s. But unfortunately we know real life isn’t always as straightforward as fairytales and the vision of lifetime love and romance carried through from childhood can be much more complex.

But sometimes in our lives people do come along at the right time, you don’t know how or why they just appear. One day on a routine journey from the shop as if from nowhere a friendly voice sounded. “Do you need help?”; the four most annoying words to any stubborn SCI who expends a great deal of effort toward being independent. Thus my usual stubborn retort to such a frustrating question followed ‘No I’m fine thanks”. A soft smile and a gentle voice ‘I’m walking this way, is it okay if I walk with you?” And so began a friendship like no other. Never intrusive with always the right amount of care, he was a natural at adapting to my disability. Happy to argue with me as an equal and not to treat me any differently as before when I discussed my ambitions and plans for the future. Partners in crime at parties, weddings, funerals, family events, hospital appointments; no questions asked, he has my back. He never made anything about it seem like a big deal and is always ready and willing to hang out with me even on days I’m too fatigued or in pain to get out of bed. Despite this he never looked at me with pity but rather stares full of admiration and respect, watching me grow into the stronger woman that I am today.

So perhaps princes’ may not ride in on white stallions to rescue beautiful princesses’ from burning castles but despite all the bad things that have happened in my life I still feel that goodness prevails and love triumphs all. Where’s the harm in seeing a little bit of magic resonate from the treetops  and not letting dark days dull that sparkle that twinkled in our eyes when we were children reading fairy tales.



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