9th July 2017 geri

Top tips for families of a new SCI

# 1       We are going to be frustrated and angry and disappointed and sad ALOT but no matter what is said know that we are truly sorry and that we love you very much. You lash out and push away the people you care about the most; this is definitely true unfortunately. Please forgive our hurtful words as they are simply born out of all the heightened and over-whelming emotions we are going through and know that we need you now more than ever before.


# 2       We expend a great deal of effort toward trying to be independent, so please don’t rush in and do everything for us! We have to re-train ourselves to do most things and yes we may be slow and look clumsy doing things but we’ll get there eventually; it will take alot of time and practice and perseverance but all we need is a chance to learn! Help us to help ourselves by resourcing products/services/websites etc that will enable us to make ourselves more independent and self-sufficient on our new path.


# 3       Please read up on our disability and try and learn some of our new limitations and abilities. They try to teach you how to handle your body in every way before leaving rehab, but with such huge changing things like this, it’s just impossible. This is all so new to everyone and there is quit alot to take in all at once but together, with a greater understanding, you will be able to overcome the challenges.


# 4       Do not push our chair please. We know that you are doing this out of kindness but everyday people challenge our movement by pushing our chairs without asking; often in the wrong direction, and shove us in the back or knock us off balance as a way of “helping” us propel. Our chair is now an extension of our bodies; you must recognise this and respect our right of movement and autonomy.


# 5       The families dynamic changes after such an enormous event occurs in all of your lives. Try to maintain where possible some level of normality and refrain from acting different around each other because you are still the same family with still the same unique bonds!

Deep meaningful chats!

Quality time!

Wedding laughs

30 Birthday party


Sista’s part two!!


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  1. Howdy,
    I worked with Texas State University Manufacturing Engineering Students for over a year to develop and test some products for the wheeled mobility community. I just put up a website last montb as I am on my own now. See if there is anything you might need or be interested in. My products are rugged and designed for a more active demographic, 20-40 years my junior as people my age want to just sit around and eat & drink!


    Christopher Stanford

    512 567 2066

    • geri

      Thanks Christopher, I’ll have a look and definitely get back to you. Thanks for sharing,


  2. Marian

    Hello again Geraldine
    Thank you for sharing with others how to cope, learn , live and go on in life when tragedy trikes. I see and hear you as a real and powerful role model for others not only with spinal chord injuries but for anyone who experiences personal tragedy in their lives. . Your realness, determination, hard work ethic, inner fight and trust, your ability and permission to feel all your feelings etc etc I see as a guiding light for others and gives hope where I have no doubt hopelessness is often felt.
    May you experience great peace, love and wonder as you continue to grow and develop in your own life.
    Sending you many blessings

    • geri

      That is the loveliest message I have received since I started this whole blog idea and offering support and help to others. So glad to hear such positive feedback!Best wishes to you too my friend, Geri

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