Five c6 SCI Practical products

1st July 2017
1st July 2017 geri

Five c6 SCI Practical products

A simple bed ladder can assist with bed mobility, especially if staying in friends or hotels with beds that have no rails. It can also be used in exercise programs eg. yoga or floor exercises.





When you injure your spinal cord above the  T4 level your ability to sweat and therefore regulate your body temperature is compromised and essentially no longer works. Therefore in hot, humid weather or when participating in exercise you must be extremely vigilant  of your body and keep it cool. A simple water spray bottle is a must have for all quads  in such cases.



Achy shoulders or tired necks are common among SCI’s. After a long hard day of pushing,I recommend heat pads for under your shoulders in bed or simple heat packs purchased in two euro stores to relieve aches and pain.




A travel pump is a must have for all SCI’s.






The best gloves I have found so far for both indoor and outdoor wheelchair use are from They are durable and offer good grip.

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  1. Mary

    Very useful Geri … love reading your blogs!! Keep up the amazing work xxx

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