20th June 2017 geri

Top ten travel tips!!!

  1. Airport Assistance is provided throughout the airport. Simply select special assistance required when booking your ticket.
  2.  Always carry your medication in your carry-on luggage and a prescription just incase.
  3. Bring your cushion on the plane for management of pressure sores.
  4. From shower chairs to power chairs to manual chairs, label all the different parts with name and contact details so things don’t get lost in transit.
  5. Don’t forget smartdrive or power chair chargers or extra battery for power chair. Also your sliding board.
  6. Ring ahead to hotels to make sure elevators are working and they have provided you with wheelchair accessible accommodation because mix ups can happen.
  7. When staying in hotels and friends homes pressure relief inflatable mattresses can be gotten from your local community nurse.Other products like foldable backrests (purchased at argos) and bed ladders (Youtube “Hotel bed transfer and bed ladder use for C5 C6 Quadriplegic) can assist with mobility when you do not have bedrails or adjustable beds.
  8. For 50euro , vhi multitrip insurance covers medical expenses up to 65,000 euros on holidays.
  9. Career services, shower chairs, air mattresses,etc can all be pre-booked in different countries you wish to travel to so don’t let these aspects hold you back whatever your needs.
  10. A final idea for people with specific disabilities is house swapping with others with similar disabilities. This would lessen your luggage load for travelling eg ramps, mattress, etc and possibly reduce the cost of transport if they also chose to share wheelchair accessible vehicles.

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