Makeup and personal grooming

16th June 2017

Makeup and personal grooming

Posted by Geraldine Lavelle on Friday, June 16, 2017

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  1. Hi Geri
    I am chair of cheshire ireland
    I read your story in the it this am

    We are in the process of amalgamation of our service with other similar organisations

    This is being facilitated by the HSE

    I am currently looking to renew the board and wondered if we could meet to see if you might be interested in joining the board

    I am in Sligo fairly regularly as I am designing the hospital extension there

    Look forward to hearing from you

    • geri

      Hi Eoin,

      Good to hear from you.
      The constant message from Cheshire Ireland in the last three years has been

      “that Cheshire does not provide Community housing or fund community support packages in Sligo”

      This was supposed to be a three month respite stop in Cheshire when I left the hospital but Cheshire has failed to support me with this.

      I can post emails if required. I have been in touch with a local paper to voice my concerns.


      Do you have an email address or contact number?
      My e-mail address is

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